Being stuck in the airport is one of the worst nightmares of many travelers and tourists. The amount of time you spent waiting in the departure area can be used to roam around your destination.

However, delays due to airport traffic or sudden change in weather conditions are totally uncontrollable. So, the next time you find yourself in Toronto Pearson Airport, whether for an unexpected delay or an airplane layover, make the most out of your stay. We’ve come up with this list of the five things you can do while waiting to pass the time in Toronto Pearson Airport.

Start your layover with a snack and drink or leisurely linger over a meal at a full-service restaurant

Toronto Pearson Airport is one of the best airports in Canada and even in the United States because of proper management. However, many travelers enjoy their stay in the Toronto Pearson Airport because they have a decent lineup of cafes and restaurants to satisfy your cravings while waiting for your flight. Some of the famous chains you will see here are Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Subway.

Toronto Pearson Airport

Hang out in the lounge

Whether you’re staying in Toronto Pearson Airport for an hour or more, resting in their comfortable lounge is one thing you’d surely want to do. The Toronto Pearson Airport has several lounge area travelers can use. What’s even greater is the fact that you don’t have to be in First or Business Class flight to enjoy. You can pre-book a single visit pass online or use your lounge membership program to gain entry if you need to stay longer.

Aside from a good selection of restaurants and cafes, the Toronto Pearson Airport is the home for various shops. The terminals have their own convenience store, bookstores, newsstands, Duty-Free, and boutiques. The Toronto Pearson Airport basically serves as a one-stop airport for basic shopping needs and more.

Freshen up in the shower

This is probably a basic need, but not all airports have a shower area for travelers. However, the Toronto Pearson Airport set up various shower facilities for a flat fee. You can find these shower areas either in a few airport lounges, the Goodlife gym, or the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, connected to Terminal 3. This way, you’ll be fresh enough to conquer the day or wait for your flight.

Hit the gym

If passing time shopping in the convenience stores or dining in the restaurants in the Toronto Pearson Airport is not enough to consume your time for the layover, you can also hit the gym and do your daily dose of fitness activities.

The Goodlife Fitness in Toronto Pearson Airport has a great facility with complete gym equipment. Goodlife Fitness have machines, cardio, free weights, and stretching areas. If you don’t have your workout clothes ready, you can avail the $15 Reebok bundle offers sports clothes and shoes which is a good deal.

Roam around the city

If your layover will last longer, why not go out of the airport and roam around the immediate vicinity of the Toronto Pearson Airport to go for sightseeing.

The Toronto Pearson Airport is located in 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada and it’s strategically nearby popular hotels, shopping stores, and more. See more of Mississauga’s amazing sites here.

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