Toronto Golf Club was established around 1876 and is labeled as the third oldest golf club in the northern part of America. The other two is the Royal Montreal Golf Club which was founded around 1873, and the second one is Royal-Quebec Golf Club that was originated since 1875.

This club hosted different events since it has been built.

It was initially built on a small parcel of land from the Fernhill property that is situated within the Toronto City back in the 1900s. Around 1909, it was acquired without share capital, and they named it ‘The Toronto Golf Club’. By 1910, they moved into a new site again.

It is currently located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, right on the banks of the Etobicoke River.

Toronto Golf Club

The first founder of the Toronto Golf Club was James Lamond Smith, who came from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He’s an immigrant to Canada and resides in East Toronto. James was also known as Ben Lamond and passed away in 1883.

This golf club hosted the Canadian Open, a professional golf competition in Canada. The first time they hosted it was 114 years ago, around 1905. After that, it was being performed annually on other locations aside from Toronto Golf Club except during the World Wars.

Toronto Golf Club extends to 6,836 yards from the back trees. Aside from the Canadian Open, they also hosted Canadian Amateur Championship, an amateur golf championship for men in Canada. They’ve hosted it nine times.

At first, there is no clubhouse inside the Toronto Golf Club. Members who used to play at the club just take picnic-baskets and take their lunches under the trees before. Around 1894, they had their own clubhouse. They acquired the Fernhill property on which most golfers have been playing. The property was once a deserted mansion and has been tagged as the haunted house. Funny trivia is, this haunted house has been remodeled and became the clubhouse for Toronto Golf Club, and it has been the clubhouse for almost 20 years.

Around the year 1909, the Club acquired a new charter without a share for the capital and restored their original name which is “The Toronto Golf Club”. The Toronto City included the Fernhill property in the limited list for restricted properties, so they were forced to acquire a new site for the golf club.

As of this writing, the club is on the bank’s of the Etobicoke River since 1911. They started opening it to the public around the autumn of 1912. The clubhouse has been finished in 1913, a year after the launch of the golf club.

By the spring of 1913, they gave up the old property, and around 1919, they purchased another land where they created a new nine-hole course which was opened to around 1921.

The club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. The golf members recognized the efforts made by Dr. Martin Hawtree because of his outstanding efforts in the renovation of the club around 2009 until 2010.

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