When the weather turns nice there is no better feeling than hoping on your motorcycle and cruising down the road for the afternoon. Like all other motor vehicles, though, motorcycles are susceptible to mechanical problems and they can breakdown on the side of the road. If you have found yourself, with your motorcycle, stranded on the side of the road here are a few tips for getting home safely and as quickly as possible.

Find a safe place to stop

Stopping in the middle of the road is not safe for any vehicle, and especially not for a motorcycle. If you realize your bike has a problem as you’re cruising along then the first thing you need to do is find a safe place for your to pull over and stop. Safe places to stop include the emergency lane/shoulder, highway rest stops, city transit stops or gas stations. The most important part is ensuring you are not in any danger should you not be able to drive your motorcycle any further.

Secure your bike

As soon as you’ve found your safe place to stop, you need to secure your bike. You should immediately put the kickstand down and shut off the engine. This is also the time you can perform a quick assessment to determine if you can figure out what the issue with the bike is. If you cannot continue to ride your bike, make sure you do not leave any valuables or pieces of ID on the bike in the event it needs to be towed.

Remain visible

If you have pulled over to the side of the road to get out of harm’s way you should still aim to remain visible so that other drivers know you’re there. You should engage your signals/hazards especially at night so that in case other drivers need to pull off to the side of the road they don’t try to pull over in the exact spot you are in. If the electrical on your bike is compromised and you cannot turn on the signals or hazard lights then make any and all attempts to remain visible until help arrives.

Call for help

Once you have secured your bike and are confident you are in a safe location, it is time to call for help. If you need a tow, you should call your roadside assistance provider so they can arrange for a tow truck to come as soon as possible. You should also call any friends or family who live nearby so that they can come pick you up in the even your motorcycle needs to be towed and they cannot give you a ride home.

Sit tight, and wait for help

Now that you’ve made all the calls you need to make, and secured your motorcycle you need to sit and wait for help. There may be other motorists who drive by offering to help you by driving you to the nearest gas station or take you home. Don’t go with them – you’ve already called for help, and they are on their way so just wait until the company you called comes to get you.

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