Being in a car accident is scary and people can be seriously, permanently hurt if the accident is serious enough. Many times paramedics will be on scene to check out anyone who was involved in the accident to determine if they were injured. The majority of car accidents are usually pretty minor and thankfully so are the injuries, but there are some injuries resulting from car accidents that are fairly common. Here are the most common injuries from car accidents, and their symptoms.


This kind of injury occurs when your body is forced to move faster than you would ever naturally move it. The majority of the time this happens when your car is rear ended by another car. Whiplash is a catch all for injuries sustained to muscles, ligaments and tendons that have been strained from being forced to move so quickly. This kind of injury can be very painful and take some time to heal.

Head Injuries

Brain and head trauma are very serious, and can mean permanent damage to anyone who experiences them. If they aren’t treated properly at first the person who sustained the injury can experience long-term problems like headaches, sleeping difficulties and even a decline in brain function. Since we can’t see inside someone’s head, it can be really difficult to diagnose a brain injury at first especially if symptoms aren’t readily apparent. As soon as the symptoms are noticed though the condition should be treated for best possible outcome.

Broken Ribs

Our rib cage protects many of our delicate organs, but our rib bones are actually quite fragile. Even a light impact in the right way to our ribs can cause them to fracture or break. If you’ve been in a car accident, the force of being pushes forwards or backwards is enough to cause a rib bone to break. Broken ribs are very painful and usually require long periods of rest to fully heal.

Internal Bleeding

Scrapes and cuts on the outside of your body are very common in a car accident, but the force of being pushed in all directions while your seatbelt restraint is trying to hold you in your seat to protect you can cause internal bleeding to occur. It can be difficult to diagnose internal bleeding because, like brain injuries, you can’t really see it but it’s important to get checked out for any serious car accidents where your body was forced in multiple directions.

Knee Injuries

This might not be something you think about when it comes to car accidents, but being hit from behind can force your knees forward and into the dashboard at a very high rate of speed. Knees are very strong in that they support our bodies and keep us moving but they are also very fragile so if you believe your knees were hurt during a car accident it’s important to get them checked out as soon as possible so that you don’t leave an injury untreated. Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, being hit from behind or having front end impact causing the dashboard to come towards you can cause knee and/or leg injury.

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